The Nerd Behind The Brand

Hi hello! This is Siren~ And if you clicked on this page I assume that you wanted to know more about me (for some reason). And it's okay because the only thing that I love more than Fire Emblem is TALKING ABOUT MYSELF so buckle up.

  • I graduated from The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandise from Los Angeles and has 2 degrees from there. Wowie EDUCATION
  • I live in (surprise) Los Angeles and spend approximately 90% of my time complaining about traffic and parking like everyone else in this city.
  • The love of my life is my doggy, Butter. Her full name is Butterbeer Oakenshield Phung and I will not take any critique on the name.
  • I love video games!!! A LOT!!! Even if I am forever horrible at it lol
  • I love fashion!! A lot!!
  • My goal is to bring fashionable video game apparel to more people and let them express their love for their fandom beyond just a plain black t-shirt with a graphic on it!!
  • I'm open to merchandise design consulting~! Please send me an email if interested. Hire me so I can feed my dog.

I am generally always on Twitter and occasionally Instagram. So if you need anything from me please feel free to send me off a message either on there or via email. I hope to see you back here soon~!!